What is Song of the Week?

To break it down for you, I am going to pick a song every week and peer into its deeper meaning. I will choose songs by request or songs I believe have complicated lyrics and need explaining. Published on Fridays, they will be quite simple involving only what the lyrics mean or could possibly mean if the author hasn’t commented on them publicly. These days I feel lyrics get overlooked in songs. Everybody knows the chorus and maybe a verse but the writers I will be talking about put a lot into them creatively. Who knows what secrets a song may hold. The major themes are known to most but if you look line by line you can discover a lot of about the story you may not have realized before. When listening to a song it is easy to skim over lines that are filled with complexity but that is what I am here for. Also, This will be my interpretation of the music added to what the author has said so feel free to comment what you think something might mean. When you find yourself asking what a song means you know where to go! If you have a song you would like me to write about for my song of the week posts, contact me!

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