Are Aliens Real?

In this post I am going to look at both sides of this argument and explore all the ideas that the argument entails. It is a question a lot of us have asked ourselves at one point or another.

  • Are we the only life in such a vast universe?
  • What do you think aliens would look like if they did exist?
  • If they exist do they know about us?

According to a recent poll done by Iposes, 66% of people agree with the statement; There is life on other planets. This leaves us evenly divided on the idea. On one side, The ideas behind the universe and existence itself are so unknown. It is commonly thought that the universe is so big that there is most likely another planet viable for life. On the other hand, you could say so many specific events had to take place in order for our evolution to happen the way it did that it is unlikely it has happened anywhere else.

ET2485 3 aliens” by interdimensionalguardians is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

What do you think of when you picture an alien in your head? Is it a little green man with big eyes? If aliens are real we have no idea what they look like. We can blame hollywood for the image stored in brains under the file for alien. The possibilities are endless for their appearance. Who knows if they need air to breath or water to survive. Maybe, they need helium to live who knows! Let your mind wander and ride the wave of your imagination.

Whether supposed aliens would know about us or not depends on how technologically advanced they are. Think of it this way, If there is life other than us in the boundless universe there is a big possibility we could be the ones to get the technology needed for space travel first. That would make us the aliens finding them. It is a coin toss trying to determine who will win this ultimate game of hide and seek.

Thinking about aliens as a broad topic leaves a lot of holes in both sides of the argument. So, what evidence do we really have? There have been claims of flying saucers in the sky for decades. According to a CIA document released in 1978, document number 0000015338, from 1947 to 1978 there were a total of 1500 official reports of unidentified flying objects (UFO) sightings. It is quite possible that all these people are seeing planes or weather balloons in the sky but the document takes the sightings seriously. The writing continues onto explore all the possibilities. It could be other countries using psychological warfare by having us look up to the stars for danger instead of at whoever it would be. They also set a plan on what to do incase of attack but this document does not go into the details.

From my perspective I think the first step would be understanding and communicating. Talk about putting yourself in someone’s shoes; How would you begin to understand what your brain can’t imagine? We can barely understand each other and we are all so alike. Aliens would be a challenge. There is also the possibility that if aliens did exist they wouldn’t care about us at all. Who are we to feel like aliens would want to come here. If they are traveling through space I’m sure there home and other planets are more interesting than ours. If there brains work the same as us, I could say, maybe, a few would come out of curiosity for studying other species.

All in all, We don’t know anything close to what we need to begin to understand all the universe holds. Comment on your own perspective! Are we alone in the universe?

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