“Goodie Bag” by Still Woozy

Song of the Week

“Goodie Bag” was written by Sven Gamsky known professionally as Still Woozy. Still Woozy is originally from Oakland, California and all of his music is released through record label Still Woozy Productions Inc. This vibey love song is inspired by his girlfriend, Amiya Kahn-Tietz. A lesser known fact is that she’s the talented artist behind Still Woozy’s intricate album covers. I chose “Goodie Bag” for song of the week because I had absolutely no idea what this bubbly song was about and I have had it on my playlist for years. Overall, It’s about falling in love to a constantly expanding guitar riff making it impossible to not smile.

The title alone is very ambiguous. We know it’s a love song but is goodie bag symbolizing the relationship or his girlfriend? The simplest answer is that his girlfriend is very sweet like a goodie bag. If I am right about what he means this is a mushy love song for sure!

The smooth song begins with the chorus “Oh, What they think about you / Prepare to leave my body when the time it comes through / Loving on you”. The second two lines are obviously about how Still Woozy feels when his girlfriend is around. He is so in love he can feel himself leaving his body when in her presence. The biggest question that comes to mind is who is they and what do they think? My mind first goes to other boys thinking she is beautiful, smart and funny. He feels so lucky to have her.

the candy bag
“the candy bag” by brooklyn is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The chorus continues “Why you always hate to break bread? / Think about the way that you would feel if never said / Jokes on you / Well it’s time to come through”. The first line could be a jab at her never wanting to go out for dinner and him calling her lazy in a playful way. on the other hand, It could refer to her being tiny and barely eating anything. If we follow that bread crumb the next few lines would be saying that if he never asked her to eat the joke would be on her because she would feel bad physically. Sometimes, people forget to eat if they are super busy and this could be him saying she would starve if he wasn’t there. The time to come through is her finally eating and doing as he advises. This song does not give you a lot to go on so I would love to hear other interpretations of these lines particularly. Overall, this sounds like an inside joke whether about her forgetting to eat or her always wanting to stay in.

There is only one verse in the effervescent song and it begins with this “Well if she had to choose me or her mom / I know I wouldn’t last long, yeah / No problem with the truth / … / I love that it’s not hard to be in a place where laughing’s easy / What the fuck is real? / What the fuck is wrong? / I think I can fit with your tone”. He admits in this one and only verse that he doesn’t mean as much to her as her mom and that he’s okay with that. Lastly, he keeps mentioning how much he likes to be around her and all that but what is real and what is wrong raises a few eyebrows. Could this be a hint of passive aggression? He could be asking if she is faking feeling bad about something. He is asking her what is wrong but also is she being real. That is one plausible answer but unlikely looking back at the rest of the mushy cute song. The other option I like better because it is less of a drag. He could be in denial that the relationship is real because of how perfect it is. He could also be willing to do anything for her and that is why he’s asking what is wrong. Which one do you think it is. Do you have any perspective on what this song is about?

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