Why do we Listen to Music?

There is nothing else in this world quite like music. Music can change your mood, help you see things in a different way, heal you, remind you of a loving memory, help you express yourself or learn about yourself. I could go on and on and on. In the end, the answer to this question is different for everyone. I’ve asked so many people this throughout my life because of how much it fascinates me. This is what I found out.

One of the biggest reasons we listen to music is because it reminds us of a person or memory. Can you remember what you were doing and who you were with the first time you heard your favorite song? I’m guessing you can and that you were with people you love doing something you love. Even if this isn’t your reason for listening to music it is likely a factor in what songs you like over others. If your still not sold on this idea think about it like this. If someone you love shows you a song wouldn’t you be more inclined to like it rather then if someone you hated showed it to you?

Furthermore, another reason for listening to music is expressing yourself. This is a more emotional reason then the last one. If you are angry and need to get out that anger you might find yourself raging to some Metallica on your car ride home from work that day. If your partner just broke up with you and you need to get out some of that sadness you might find yourself listening to Billie Eilish lying in your bed all weekend. This is emotional but also situational. Of course, you probably listen to music even when you are not trying to work through and emotion.

Next, Music can sometimes be the perfect antidote or pick me up for a crummy day. Listen to some happy upbeat music and you will be wearing socks sliding across your hardwood floors in no time. I’ve definitely done this before but like the last idea it’s still situational. You will only listen for a mood lift as needed so it can’t possibly be your only reason. This is similar to the last idea but the difference is that one is working through an emotion you already have and the other is trying to avoid said emotion or change it. I find listening to Saint Motel can make any day shine a little brighter.

Still not impressed? I bet I get you with this next one. The most common reason people listen to music is because they relate to it. Maybe, it doesn’t matter whether its connected to a memory or is needed to get emotions out. I guarantee you if a song describes you or a situation you’re in perfectly, you will fall in love with it. We are constantly searching for more pieces of our identity. Even if you know who you are it feels sooooo good to be understood and music does that for so many people. There are infinite songs out there and everyone has one that they can see themselves existing in it’s music video.

I’m sure I’m missing a thousand reasons so leave a comment on why you listen to music! In part two I am going to dive into why people are drawn to certain genres over others. Life experiences? Connections through friends? Leave a comment if you have any ideas on that topic as well!

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